Christmas day 2008 we walked along the west coast from Marrup to Rubjerg Knude


Maarup church spring 2004. A small church from the 1200's that was abandoned in 1928 when a bigger more inland church had been finished. The destiny of the old church has always been to be finally taken by the sea.

A closer look (in 2004). Notice that the edge of the graveyard is close to the edge of the cliff. And notice the big anchor. It's from the English battleship The Crescent that stranded off shore in 1808 (when England was terrorizing Denmark because they feared we were allies of Napoleon). More than two hundred drowned (including wifes and children of the officers), about 60 were rescued. The dead were buried to rest in peace in a grave located beneath the anchor.


Grete together with Steen's parent. The sig says "Danger of slide".

The sea has reached the first graves. Most of the church has been taken down - not ending in the sea anyway - it has become much too popular a sight to end off shore - it's probably ending in a museum instead.



Old graves with a nice view.



A sketch of what has happened and what will happen.


Grete and I walked south towards Rubjerg Knude - the high hill in the background with the light house on top.




A look towards north - and Maarup.


The light house was aboned about 40 years ago because the dune in front of was much higher than the light house. Fighting the sand was given up - and so was the light house. Now the dune has passed and the light house will disappear into the ocean in one or two decades.


A look towards west.


Coming here through fifty years it will be a loss when it's gone.

Tilbage til forsiden